ZHUZBAY stands for unique design, high quality and aims to build a brand with international prestige. ZHUZBAY creates unforgettable experience and makes art wearable. What is "Zhuzbay"? «ZHUZ» in kazakh language means "Hundred, quantity, variety». «BAY» stands for confident and wealthy person; Zhuzbay – Hundred times rich, Long-lived. Zhuzbay is the surname of designer and founder - Aizhan Zhuzbay. There are several significant patterns in «ZHUZBAY» design: unisex, ethnic and couture. The main fabrics of the collection are silk, felt, broadtail, sheepskin, wool, velour and patent leather. Brand logo is mountain Argali.Designer also uses kazakh ornaments, accessories and jewelry in her collection. Some of the decorations appear as two connected horns of Argali.

Aizhan Zhuzbay is a founder and designer of ZHUZBAY brand.
Born in 1991 year in the South of Kazakhstan.
Graduated with a bachelor degree from the faculty of Fashion Art Design in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology 2015 year.